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The new mixed media paintings of mine are part of a vision that I have dreamed of creating for over 40 years.


I finally found the way to break the confining bonds of commercial art and dive into the exhilarating flow of the unstructured, pure creative energy that makes up my new figurative and abstract artwork.


Many times I wake up from a dream with a complete visual of a finished painting in my head and I have to rush to capture it before it fades away. But most days, I do a simple meditation before I enter my studio to clear out all of the ‘human’ noise and set my intention for the day. Then, with a clear, uncluttered mind, I select the wood or paper or canvas that I am going to start with, and happily enter that intoxicating stream of creative energy, never knowing where it will take me. This is my new path of freedom and a journey of pure emotional and creative expression that I am excited to finally be a part of.


Quite a few of my new paintings are created with iron, and copper paints that are then oxidized to weather and rust. I do not ‘fix’ or seal the metal paint when finished so that it can continue to live and make beautiful subtle changes over time.

I am available for commissions of all sizes and subjects.

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