Energy Balls
Winds Of Change
Doodle 4th
Mini Doodle 1
Doodle 4A
Doodle 3A
Doodle 2A
Doodle 1A
Doodles 2B
Cross Roads
The Beginning
Re Claim
Rusted Rain
Copper Winds
Along Those Lines
Musical Chairs
Rusted Busted Bubbles Triptych 1
Moving Through
Winter Wondering
More Than Reflections
Open Door
Way Bach
Just A Taste
Urban Clouds
Out Of The Fog
Rustic Tapestry
Side Ways

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Way Bach

24x30 Acrylics, Venetian Plaster, and Copper Oxidized Paint. This is a painting that was created LIVE at the Chesterfield Missouri "Arts and Orchestra" Series in the outdoor Amphitheater while the group"Bach to the Future" played. $950 USD